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LinkedIn highlights a series of recent updates that can help job seekers find suitable opportunities and catch the attention of recruiters.

With an all-time high job-seeking activity on LinkedIn, these updates aim to equip professionals with the necessary tools to explore companies and job roles that match their requirements.

As the job market gets more competitive, standing out becomes crucial to increase the chances of getting hired.

The latest updates by LinkedIn can aid in indicating interest to recruiters, highlighting skills and experience, and leveraging the network for support.

These features aim to make the job search process more efficient, leading to more job opportunities and career growth. The five new updates are as follows:


This feature allows candidates to signal to recruiters that they are open to new job opportunities. It can be used privately or shared with the broader community. Job alerts can also be set up to get notified of relevant job postings.

Screenshot from LinkedIn, March 2023.

Skills Match

This feature lets job seekers understand the skills required for a specific job role and compare them with those on their profile. They can also add context to the skills by tagging them to relevant experiences, education, or certifications.

Screenshot from LinkedIn, March 2023.

Share Your Resume With All Recruiters

Job seekers can share their resumes with all recruiters, making it easier for recruiters to find and contact them.

Screenshot from LinkedIn, March 2023.

Get Referred with “Hiring in Your Network”

This feature enables job seekers to tap into their network to learn about job opportunities and increase their chances of getting hired. LinkedIn proactively notifies when people in their network are hiring.

Screenshot from LinkedIn, March 2023.

Signal Your Interest With “I’m Interested”

Job seekers can use this feature to directly indicate their interest in working for a company from its LinkedIn page. The profile and information will be privately shared with recruiters at the company to consider for a role in the future.

Screenshot from LinkedIn, March 2023.

These new updates assist in finding suitable job matches, assessing qualifications, and getting referrals from the network. Leveraging these features can help job seekers better navigate the job search process and find opportunities that align with their skills and interests.

Source: LinkedIn

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